The Leddin Group


The Leddin Group helps leaders build strong teams that deliver great results. This leadership coaching business was founded by a husband-and-wife team with an expanse of business and leadership knowledge. They had a lot of valuable information to share with the world, an organic following on LinkedIn, a concept for a new book, and an open mindset for growth. The Leddin Group partnered with fwd digital marketing in the early stages of the new venture to chart a course forward via digital media.

They needed guidance on how to grow their reach on social media, how to build their email list, and how to make all the digital puzzle pieces fit together for monetization. fwd digital marketing consulted with the Leddins to create a growth plan with specific goals of monetization and bestseller recognition for the soon-to-be book.

We helped move the business forward with:
>> Media plan covering paid, earned, shared, and organic content
>> Consultation on content strategy and how to capitalize on specific platforms for growth
>> Consultation on digital monetization strategy
>> Support on creating digital products
>> Content optimization support
>> Developmental book editing to bring book concept to manuscript form
>> Line editing and copy editing of manuscript
>> Consultation on strategy for launching digital course and new book

The Leddin Group’s digital course and companion book—The 5 Week Leadership Challenge—are both a success and the book was named a Wall Street Journal bestseller.

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